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Get fit and flexible - by the way

Good physical fitness and mobility are essential in self-defense. WingTsun makes you fit and trains your mobility.

To move naturally means first and foremost to move economically, to have strength and energy available for defence.
WingTsun instruction not only trains your defensive ability and self-confidence, but also your well-being, your vitality and your ability to move. Your age and fitness do not matter, you improve your personal skills in balance, agility, strength and timing.
 In the forms (traditional fixed movements), the joints in particular are strengthened and made supple. Striking exercises on cushions and in the air strengthens the musculature and improves the condition. Modern muscle lengthening exercises additionally promote flexibility
WingTsun makes your movement not only efficient, but also elegant.

Die Fähigkeit, das Wort NEIN auszusprechen, ist der erste Schritt zur Freiheit.
Nicolas Chamfort (franz. Schriftsteller) , EWTO Schweiz