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Elementary School Programs

You learn (learning time 3 months)
to assess situations
apply rhetorical techniques of demarcation
to defend yourself verbally
to position yourself protected while standing
how to fend off attacks from right and left-handed people (different typical postures)
Basic techniques:
Form: First WingTsun form (Siu Nim Tao) (Part 1)
use your steps efficiently in defense situations
turn away with your body without having to take a step
perform basic stroke technique for arms and legs
Movement training:
to move your body away on pressure impulses (level 1)
Fighting exercises:
carry out a sequence of basic attacks with the hands themselves, or fend off these attacks when the partner makes them
to train basic reactions
react to optical stimuli
Liberation from emergency situations:
free you from clamps under the arms from the front and back
to free you from sweatbox attacks
to react correctly if you are pulled at the shoulder from behind and at the arms
to protect you from ground level and to stand up again

Wer kämpft, kann verlieren. Wer nicht kämpft, hat schon verloren.
Bertold Brecht , EWTO Schweiz